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Thursday - Sunday

3pm - 9pm

Booking recommended for the first few weeks.

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There is a cancellation option in your confirmation email… or let us know through the contact form below.

You can choose the duration of your visit from the drop down when picking your timeslot, the default is 90 minutes.



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Heathen Brewers always knew their dank basement was not a forever home. So when the perfect barn became available in Haywards Heath, the chance had to be grabbed. Keen to show off the shiny vessels and delicious beers, naturally a taproom was a must.
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Whether quenching your thirst with one of our beers, a glass of wine from the small selection hand-picked by Grape & Grain or sipping a G&T made with Sussex Gin… and whether that be amongst the Heathen Brewery vessels or relaxing in the afternoon sun, The Hop Sun is the place to be!
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We're not the first to serve from tanks, we're certainly not the first to brew on-site, but we might just have managed the least food-miles, with about 234cm from fermentation vessel to serving tank… and possibly less to your table!

None of our beers are fined, filtered nor pasteurised… so no fish offal here, and are naturally suitable for vegans and vegetarians (except possibly for our honeyed beers). The beer is pulled from the tanks using air pumps, so no canisters of CO2 emptying out into the atmosphere or being absorbed into the beer.
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We love pizza, and we needed the best to match with our beers, and the best in Haywards Heath means Piani Italian pizza. So order a pizza from the menu and they will bake your choice to order and deliver it to your table. All the pizza's are made from scratch and may take 45minutes or so during the busiest times.
Pizza served between 5pm and 8.30pm (6pm Thurs).
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Booking recommended for the first few weeks.

Click here to book.

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